N9 Ecosystem Acceleration Programs' with top business companies, think tanks, business development agencies, colleges and universities address breakthrough innovations that change the economy and society. Since 2021, sminds has been leading a strategic collaboration with Ecosystem Partners AG.

Subsequent programs that have been implemented are:


RiskON: Transformation Uncertainty into Opportunities

The Department of Banking and Finance of the University of Zurich launched, together with the N9 House of Innovation, the RiskON initiative to promote the further development of risk management in Switzerland, including corporate sponsors such as Julius Baer, LGT Private Bank, Clientis, Pictet, among others. RiskON brings together professional risk expertise with enthusiastic young academics (Master’s level and from Executive Education). 

HYPE OR HELP? The real benefits of blockchain 

Blockchain offers new opportunities to align digitalization with values such as security, reliability, privacy and trust. We were very pleased to be the initiator of the new study "HYPE OR HELP? What the Blockchain really does" by @GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. The study illustrates the concrete advantages of blockchain for companies. The good news: opportunities for companies in Switzerland are particularly good. Industry and cooperation partners of the study were aXedras, Blockchain Nation Switzerland, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Generali (House of Insuretech Switzerland HITS), Green, Inacta, Kantonsspital Baden, Novartis, OVD Kinegram, Verband Schweizerischer Elektrizitätsunternehmen (VSE).


NEXT HEALTH, a new way to navigate the healthcare ecosystem

The corporate-to-corporate innovation study 'NEXT HEALTH' initiated by sminds AG/ N9 House of Innovation was realized together with the 'Think Tank' of the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. As a result of this study, the Hirslanden Group, Helsana, Swica, Group Mutuel and Medbase have formed a joint venture with the common corporate purpose of building a CH health ecosystem under the brand 'Compassana'. As the core of the 'Compassana' healthcare ecosystem, a digital portal is currently being created that will enable the simple coordination of outpatient, inpatient and digital healthcare services.


A NEW WORLD OF ENERGY, from scarcity to abundance 

The study "A New Energy World", commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE and initiated by sminds AG/N9-House of Innovation, assumes that the energy system will develop rapidly in the 21st century and analyses 30 possible changes. A trend landscape provides an overview of the most important factors influencing the energy system.