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PropertyCom – Independent and sustainable Executive Management Community for the Real Estate industry – Property owners, Investors and all related partners.


a) Information & Knowledge-Pool, including competences exchange for Property owners, Investors and decision makers from the Real Estate Industry
b) Leading innovation Platform


a) Business to Business Platform
b) Ratio of Property Owners / Investors to Business Partners: 75% - 25%
c) Limited Partners and Guests number (Exclusivity)
d) 1-1 Business Meeting opportunities


a) Exclusive Community fort he Real Estate industry
b) Target participants – Property owners, Investors and senior Executive Managers, Board of Directors, Supervisory and Management Board Members, Executive Committee Members, senior Advisers and experts
c) Entrance only with a „Personal Invitation“
d) Sustainable Community concept congress with executive socializing circle activities
e) Collaboration with the University of Basel and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Knowledge Partners)

Upcoming Events:

May 12, 2022, PropertyCom Executive Management Congress - GDI, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Rüschlikon / Zurich